Certified background screening companies go through a complex, internal process that will find information on a specific person or a specific name. This process is done through the accumulation of resources that the company has through various deals with other entities.

Certified Background

For example, many of these verification processes will have:

  • Access to city and state databases.
  • Access to local and federal crime databases.
  • Access to professional records.
  • Access to marriage and divorce records.

There are normally over 20 – 30 different data points that are included in a verification. This may include searching the registered sex offender’s database as well to determine if a person is a registered sex offender.

These are very in-depth background checks that paint a clear picture of the person that you’re trying to learn more about.

The Method of Person Verification

Person Verification Services

There are two methods that will be used to determine the actual person that you are searching for: by name or by social security number.

The Name Method

Most criminal records searches will allow you to search only by the name of the person. The information that will need to be entered includes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • State

Sometimes, the city will also be required. These searches will go through a complete database of people; the results will be displayed to you. Normally, you will be able to choose the name and information that you feel is more accurate before proceeding.

Unfortunately, there may be many people with the same name.

In this case, some services will allow you to view multiple results for the same name. Since this is the most common way to conduct a certified background check, it is often the least expensive. The benefit to these types of services is that they are:

  • Less expensive.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Provide more data points.
  • Come with subscription plans in some cases.

You will be able to view information about the person that other service types do not offer. This may include previous places of employment, social media accounts, relatives, past and present addresses, and so much more.

This is nearly as accurate as a BCI background check, but it is not as limited as the BCI is for most states.

Everything will be included from past police records to addresses, age, relatives, aliases and more.

The Social Security Method

social security number verification services

The Social Security method is often used with pre employment background checks. Why?

It is much easier to type in a person’s Social Security number, and it saves a lot of time.

Accuracy is also unmatched with a Social Security number provided, so it is much easier to pinpoint the exact person you’re searching for using a Social.

However, this method is impossible when looking up an old friend or relative when you don’t have their Social Security number present.

Oftentimes, you will receive other information, such as a person’s credit information, when conducting a search using this method. This information is not provided in the other search type, but it is unnecessary unless a person’s employer or loan provider is searching for the person’s credit history.

This method:

  • Isn’t used by most certified background check companies.
  • Is more expensive.
  • Works with the utmost accuracy.

You will only be able to conduct one search per payment when using this method. Most companies charge a fee per Social Security number and will not provide monthly subscription plans.

Note: There is a major downfall to this method. A Social Security number can be used for identity theft. Many sites that allow for a Social Security number search have been fraudulent and result in stolen identities.

It is always vital to ensure that the background check company you use is 100% legitimate.

There are also special screenings for specific industries and fields. An AHCA background screening is the perfect example. This type of screening is used in the healthcare industry and will provide further, relevant information about a potential employee. With this in mind, most background checks will not require this level of information.

Once all of the information is entered, the background search provider will scour all of their databases to find the appropriate match; this works for both screening methods. Always ensure that the information provided is accurate and more importantly, real.

An Easy Way to Determine If Background Information Is Real

criminal backgroudn check services

With no way to tell if a certified background company is a front or legitimate from mere looks, it falls on you, the user, to determine if the information provided is real.

This is a difficult task, but one that is vital to your search. After all, if the information is false, does it hold any value? Of course not!

Conduct a Search on Yourself

background check employees
Before doing a tenant screening or searching for an old friend, you want to conduct a search on yourself.

In fact, experts recommend conducting your own background check:

  • Every 6 months to a year.
  • Before applying for a new job.

This will allow you to find any wrong information provided on your background history and make corrections as soon as possible. In the event of identity theft, this is a priceless way to protect yourself.

Statistics show that 66% of consumers that had their identity stolen noticed it before banks or credit card companies. Among consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the number one complaint in 2014 was identity theft; it’s a major problem that is continuing to worsen.

A background check on yourself allows you to:

  • Determine the accuracy of the background check provider.
  • Be alerted if something is amiss with your background.

It’s a step that everyone should take if they want to conduct a certified background check on someone else.

Note: Before you divulge any information to a company, please follow the next recommendation first!

Search for Reviews

One of the best things that has ever happened to consumers is the Internet. Not only is it possible to get items for cheaper than ever before, but you are also able to conduct thorough research on any company in the world.

It’s always recommended that you do your own research before providing your Social Security number to anyone.

Note: With just name-based searches, there is little to no risk involved. Since you’re not inputting a person’s social, it is a much safer way to conduct a background check.

Most companies will boast about where they have been featured. A good example of this is a company called Instant Checkmate. When you search for the company, you’ll find that they have been featured on:

  • AOL
  • YAHOO!
  • ABC
  • Fox News

There are a dozen different news outlets that have featured the company before, and with over 217 million background checks performed, they are a safe company to use for your background check.

Two go-to outlets for checking on the legitimacy of a company are:

  • org
  • Consumer Affairs

Both of these outlets allow you to view past customer complaints and reviews. If a company is known for stealing their user’s information or providing false information, you will find that they have a lot of negative reviews listed.

Using both of these precautions will allow you to find a company that provides real information in their background checks. It’s always better to go with a company that is well-known for their accuracy than it is to pay less for an inaccurate certified background report.

Why You Need a Certified Background Check

why run a background check
Certified background checks are something everyone can use.

While a lot of people associate these checks with an employment check, they have a variety of other uses associated with them.

You can use these checks for:

    • Tenants: If you are renting out your home, a background check can be used for tenants. It’s always a smart idea to dig into who your tenants really are and find out what their past history may be. This includes not only a criminal records check, but a sex offender’s list check as well as a person’s past residencies. If a person has moved around a lot, it may be an indication that they are not a long-term tenant choice.
    • Babysitters: Leaving your child with a stranger is simply not an option. Babysitters should always be thoroughly verified to ensure that they’re reputable and do not have criminal backgrounds. Sex offenses are also vital to ensuring that a babysitter is a right choice for your child.
    • Neighbors: One of the best things to come out of a background check is that you’re able to find out pertinent information about your neighbors. These are people that you may think you know, but you never really know their past. Some people live right next to criminals their entire lives and never realize it.
    • Parents: Who are the parents of your child’s best friend? Are these violent people with a criminal background? You may not need to worry about their past or their credit rating, but knowing about their criminal past will put your mind at ease.
    • Past Friends: Wondering what your high school crush is up to and don’t know how to find him or her? A background check can help. This will allow you to find past friends that you have lost touch with. Not only can you dig into their current life, but you may also be presented with a listing of their social media accounts and email addresses. It’s a great way to get back in touch with the people that matter most to you.
  • Employees: Business owners have a right to look into the background of a potential applicant before hiring him or her. Consent is often required to conduct a background check on an employee, so ensure that you meet all of the legal requirements before conducting a search on any current or potential employee.

All it takes is a certified background check login, and you’re able to gather all of this information and more. Many sites don’t even require you to login to see the initial information. However, an account is often needed and a big benefit once you have conducted a search. This will allow you to pull up your search and always have it available to you.

The reason why a certified background check is preferred is because it’s “certified.”  This is a check that comes with multiple checks to ensure that it is accurate.